Rodriga passed away on April 22, 2003. She had been ill for a very long time. She may have had "beak and feather", but the tests came up negative. All we can figure is that some disease destroyed her immune system early on, and she eventually died of an aggressive pneumonia.

She was a wonderful bird, and we miss her terribly.

Rodriga is an African Grey Parrot. She hatched on January 31, 1998. She loves to eat pasta. She also loves pomogranate seeds and ginger. You can tell that, in these pictures, she hasn't had her first molt yet because her red tail feathers still have quite a bit of gray and maroon.

She current says the following phrases:
"Hello", "Step up", "What", "Stop it!", "How are you?", "I'm a bird", "You're a bird", "Good bird," "Scritchies", "Pika Pika Pikachu", and "Ow". This last she says by first (lightly) biting my hand then with great energy, exclaiming "Ow!" She also bites her toys and then says "Ow".

She can also whistle Colonel Bogey, imitate R. Carlos Nakai's flute playing, whistle "Walk Like an Egyptian", and she laughs like me and my husband.

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Rodriga and Abbey hanging out.