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Iron Author is a parody of the amazing Japanese TV show called Iron Chef. (Shown on Food Network in the US.) If you are unfamiliar with Iron Chef, I recommend visiting the unofficial fan site.

Iron Chef is a cross between a cooking contest and a sporting event. A Challenger chef challenges one of the four Iron Chefs to a cooking duel. They have one hour to make as many dishes using the revealed theme ingredient. At the end, the judges taste the dishes and score them.

Iron Author simply substitutes writers for the chefs. The writers have 15 minutes to write a story using the theme "ingredient" that is revealed at the competition. For the IA ConFusion show, the theme was BEMs (bug-eyed monsters), and for Boskone the theme was Quest.

The text that begins "Six months ago, a woman's fantasy..." is a knock-off of the opening speech for Iron Chef , modified to fit the purposes of Iron Author.