IT Consultant
& Fiction Writing

  In October 2003, I became a private IT consultant, doing contract work for Menlo. I'm learning how to do what Menlo calls "High-Tech Anthropology." Very cool stuff. And, yes, I'm still working on making that first fiction sale. (gosh darn it!)

Program Assistant
University of Michigan
Health System

For most of 2003, I was a part of the HIPAA Implemetation Team at UMHS. I co-created educational plan to teach over 15,000 employees about the HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) privacy regulations by the federal deadline of April 15, 2003. I co-wrote a video script, PowerPoint presentations, web content, and other educational materials. I also presented the Compliance Office and HIPAA portions at weekly the new employee orientation.

ITD Policy Consultant
& Fiction Writer

In November 1999, I became a private IT policy consultant, working for Communications Technology Consultancy and a nearly full-time fiction writer. (I'm still working on making that first sale.)

ITD & the
University of Michigan

Prior to November 1999, I was a computer systems consultant for the Information Technology Division at the University of Michigan. I taught non-credit computer workshops about a variety of O/S and software packages, including: UNIX, Macintosh OS, Windows 95, MS Word, MS Excel, FileMaker Pro, Netscape, and a bit of HTML. In the summer 1997 I taught a class in the Computer Science department for entering freshmen who had little or no experience with computers. The goal of the course was to give them the computer skills they will need to be successful at the University of Michigan.


From 1994 to 1996 I worked for the Intelligent Transportation Systems Research Laboratory also at the University of Michigan. I got paid to design games--policy games. (gamers around the world, eat your hearts out)


Way back when, I used to do UNIX systems admininstration.


And before that I was a student for a very long time. My degrees are a MPP (Master of Public Policy) focusing on International Policy and a B.A. in Asian Studies focusing mostly on Japan, both from the University of Michigan.

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