Amber Monthly Admin Post:
almost everything you need to know about the Amber List

You will see spaces around the "@" in any e-mail addresses listed below. The spaces are deliberate attempts to foil address collecting web 'bots. Don't include the spaces if you want to send mail.

Welcome to the Amber E-mail List!

This list is devoted to discussion of role playing in Roger Zelazny's
"Amber Universe" — from Amber to the Courts of Chaos and all of Shadow
in between.  No Amber fiction or poetry; there is a separate list
devoted to that.

If you wish to receive personal replies to your messages, please
"sign" your messages with your name and e-mail address.  Several
list members have mailers that strip off the "useful" headers, and
if you don't sign your messages then they won't know who wrote them.

The list is not moderated, which means that your messages go to
directly list without being filtered.  However, this means that I
and the other list members expect polite, considerate, and on-topic
posts.  Off-topic posts, no matter how "important" they may seem
(computer virus warnings, for example), do not belong on this list.
Those who violate these basic rules will be warned, and those who
continue to violate these rules after having been warned, will be
removed from the list.

In addition, HTML, binaries, and other non-text formats such as 
Word documents sent as attachments are not allowed on the list.  
Many people will not and cannot read e-mail messages with HTML.

Finally, it is generally considered polite to reply to private
emails privately, and list emails to the list publicly.  To wit: if
someone chooses to answer your question offlist, you should respect
their choice and KEEP it offlist.  Publicly publishing a private email
is a bit like reading a private letter out loud in a room full of people.
(above text by Sarah Wishnevsky and used with her permission)

To see if the message is a public group message or a private offlist
message,  check the To: and cc: lines in the mail headers.  If
"" appears in either one, then it's a public list

Additional information concerning netiquette is available at my
amber page:

__________________________________________________________________________ you always know the right address to use when sending Amber
list related e-mail:

amber @ ---------> messages to the list

majordomo @ -----> subscribe/unsubscribe

owner-amber @ ----> problems with the list

The Amber E-mail List is maintained using the majordomo list
administration software.  This means that SUBSCRIBING and
UNSUBSCRIBING from the list is easy and fast!  Send e-mail to:

                  majordomo @

and put one of the following in the *body* of the e-mail message:

                  subscribe amber


                  unsubscribe amber

"your-e-mail-address" (without quotes) after the word "amber" is
NOT REQUIRED IF you are sending the subscription request from the
same address where you wish to receive (or not receive) your amber
list e-mail.

If you know that your e-mail address is going away, please unsubscribe
in a timely fashion.  Dead addresses cause messages to bounce to me
and the local postmaster at the other site, and annoy us both.

For help, send e-mail to majordomo @ with the word "help"
in the body of the message.  The Internet willing, you'll receive
a quick response with descriptions of various commands.

If you have problems with majordomo or need further assistance,
send e-mail to amber-owner @ to talk to a real person.

Do not send questions about the list to me directly.  If, for example,
I am on vacation, you will not get a timely response to your question.
But if you send it to amber-owner @, one of our "anonymous
systems administrators" will see your message even if I do not.

The AMBER FICTION LIST is for Amber campaign stories and diaries.
The list address is

You can subscribe the same way as  you do for the Amber List by sending
e-mail to:           amberfic-request @

and put the following line in the message body:  subscribe

The CHAOS LIST deals with design of the Courts of Chaos, origins of the
powers, all aspects of dealing with characters from Chaos and other
"non-canon" topics. No Amber Fiction or ADRPG or Amber-specific questions.
To join the Chaos List send e-mail to:

              chaos-request @

And put the following word in the body of the message: SUBSCRIBE

Thanks and enjoy,

Lisa Leutheuser
Amber List Administrator
eal @

Note: In late 1999, Lisa Leutheuser turned over list administration
to Sol Foster.  Sol is at present still using Lisa's admin messages,
and he has not changed the list policies.

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