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Amber universe created by Roger Zelazny.

The Amber E-mail List
The Amber E-mail List is devoted to general discussion of roleplaying in the Amber universe. To join the list, send e-mail to majordomo@logrus.org with the following words in the message body: subscribe amber

The Amber List has a lengthy FAQ that covers everything from list etiquette to results of frequently discussed topics. There is also a monthly admin message that has the essentials of the list. The former Amber List Administrator (yours truly) has a few words regarding off-topic posts and the infamous Casting Thread. I believe the current list admin hasn't changed these policies.

The Amber Announce E-mail List Coming soon: a low traffic list dedicated to announcements of interest to the Amber player — upcoming cons, games starting, webpages going up, etc.
The Amberfic E-mail List The Amberfic E-mail List is devoted to game-based fiction and poetry. To join the list, send e-mail to amberfic-request@logrus.org with the following word in the message body: subscribe
Amber Gaming Conventions Amber convention information is available at Ambercons Information Site.
Other Resources For Amber links on the WWW, there are two nicely organized link repositories: Wendi's Amber DRPG Player Showcase and MaBarry's Amber Links. There is also a Golden Circle Webring.
Player Registry Players, looking for a face-to-face Amber game? GMs, need a few more players? Check out Larry Gossman's Amber Game Registry.

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