That Persistent and Pernicious Casting Thread:
the Amber List policy for posting casting thread messages.

To: amber @
Date: Sun, 21 Dec 1997 22:08:54 -0500
From: Lisa Leutheuser

To Amber List Members, especially new members:

Since the Casting Thread is here once again, I am posting the
Casting Thread Policy, developed October 1996.  The goal of the
policy is to decrease the daily message load to manageable amounts
by limiting the number of Casting Thread messages per day.

Long time list members will recall the problems that this thread
has caused for the list in the past which resulted in the Casting
Thread Policy:  mainly the incredibly high number of messages for
a topic that interests only a few but makes e-mail ummanageable
for many.

--- begin casting thread policy ---

1) By the casting thread, I mean lists of suggested actors,
   actresses, anime, and cartoon characters to cast as Amberites,
   Chaosites, or any other characters appearing in Roger Zelazny's
   Amber novels and stories.

2) Replies to and posts about the casting thread are limited to

3) This means those interested in participating should read all
   related messages before composing their one-post/day casting
   thread message.

4) Our Keeper of the Amber Casting File, currently Doug McClintock
   <>, will take all suggestions and add them
   to the Amber Casting File.  The File will be posted to the list
   when the thread re-appears.

5) The Casting Thread File will be made available via FTP and the
   WWW at some point in the (hopefully near) future.  Information
   about how to get the file will be included both in the file itself
   and in the FAQ.

6) This policy does not apply to non-casting thread messsages.

7) This policy does not apply to threads related to the casting
   thread as long as the thread is about how "related topic X"
   applies to roleplaying in Amber.

8) This policy will be posted to the list each time the "Casting
   Thread" reactivates.

9) Comments about the Casting Thread Policy should be sent to the
   Amber List Administrator (me) and not to the whole list.

--- end casting thread policy ---


Lisa Leutheuser
Amber List Admin
eal @

All that said, I do have another lecture on off-topic posts that I recommend for amber list members who want to know more about my philosophy about off-topic posts to the list.

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