Things We've Said...
Volume One

Here's this dragon trying to snuggy up to her. I mean, she doesn't know this dragon.

That was too bizarre for words, obviously, since it didn't say that.

Mystic fuzzies give me the heebie-jeebies.

This version finally convinced me that I do like the story.

It's a haggis thing.

One of the longest sentences this side of Finnegan's Wake.

Sort of a Maytagian aura...

Dead, dead, dead, oh good! They're all dead!

I think you could have a lot of fun with Fifi's box.

At least she appears to be a good ruler, aside from the fact that she's a psychopath.

I don't mean to say this sucks...

One woman's relegator is another woman's rod.

No one else can smell my bear!

Do try to wipe out those lurking Wellsisms.

Is there slime? Are there gekkos? Oh, we have slime, forgive me.

I have nothing but cardboard dolls, and they're annoying cardboard dolls.

Oh my, I have comments out the wazoo.

Dry Wall Bob has my bat.

You've been admonished with a platypus.

When I saw the brown streaks in the toilet, it reminded me of my childhood.

This [story] feels like a geology text book collided with a fairy tale and the geology book had an airbag.

This sucks haggis like a Scotsman.

Could I have a cling-to-your-head beastie?

If you've given up on Jerry Garcia, at least finish the little toad thing.

I'll just mix the good nits with the nit nits.