Things We've Said...
Volume Eleven

Well, just for that, I'm going to mention this awkward bit on page 7.

Yeah! Needle torture, needle torture, needle tortune! Okay.

I was back in Byzantium; I forgot about babies.

It's hard to write a serious story about gay superheros.

KJ really doesn't do much except scratch herself and wander around the mall.

It's a completely nonsensical statement, and I don't believe it anymore.

If you don't like the cameras, don't come to my brothel.

The fact that they sing all the time can't be a secret.

I don't have a lot to say, a couple of nits and a peeve... the peeve is coming...

Don't they wash the dishes before hibernating?

Make her a little bit more than just an elbow.

Hummus seldon occurs to me on its own...

Meet Mia. She's a spy. She's a bad spy.

I just wasn't down with the whole apple-snatching thing.

All right, I've been turned into a horse, and now you're bothering me.

The wonderful game of telephone that is time.

I continue to really enjoy this disaster.

One minute I don't even know they're gay, the next they're making happy juices together.

These things don't happen when you drink tea.

And it made me nuts, in a quiet, nitty sort of way.

If I can see Hugh Laurie in the part, something's wrong.

Every group of adventurers needs someone who brings the toilet paper.

She spat in the pot, why not lick the asperagas?

Are we ever going to get to see his penis? But the way you handled the orgasm, I didn't miss it.

I always thought I'd be a good advisor to an evil overlord.