Things We've Said...
Volume Two

It hurt my brain, so it was good.

Mothers will try to reassure their children, even when it's stupid.

You can screw in bed, but you can't bolt.

Oh goody, goody, the yucky multiple personality novel!

It reminds me of a story in a pagan's version of Lady's Home Journal.

When you introduce him, he could be some sort of thing from beyond himself come to court a young witch's apprentice.

Do something else with your feces, [name omitted].

Okay, I guess that's how you talk to strange gods with no head.

I'd like more information on the head system.

I'm really not able to say much except that it's obviously supposed to be disgusting.

I only wrote it to make it go away.

You had a shift in bannana-ness.

Dogs are not cold, this is cold, it is not really like a dog.

You gotta have codpieces in an environment like this.

They know how to dump it, they know it does dump, but they don't quite know what the recipe is...

I don't usually read homosexual love stories with dating angst.

I imagine it will appeal to several sorts of nerds.

Bad Jon, you were enjoying it too much.

I was kind of malformed on this.

It's not a matter of sucking...

You might want to back over that one with a Zamboni.

Nice queerage.

I don't buy it. I won't even sublet it for the summer.

The room will be full of haggis.

Wish I could spew like that.