Things We've Said...
Volume Three

I'm not finished, so you're not finished.

The sexy walk has been removed.

The world is full of different kinds of torture, and not all of them remind you of truckers...

It's grim as Gingrich.

It is beyond a nit, it is the foot of a nit.

I think Satan should be blind more often.

More spinal fluid...I love the vestigial brains placard.

Multiple personalities are my favorties.

I know it's a nit, but it's my nit.

So congrats, you've made me like Eloi.

Heads, heads, my how they chat.

The throne is green. I collect green things.

In the first paragraph, nothing is a nit.

You're robbing yourself of a potential fun opportunity, and that's just wrong.

Yah! Character fungus.

I'm only going to comment on the parts I read.

I can deal with an intellectual sadist.

Have you ever seen the squoogy leggos?

If I reminisce in the future, this is what I would say....

You can solve all these problems by not doing that.

They act the way a self-help book tells you people ought to act.

A holistic hard-boiled detective.

Reading this was like having half an orgasm.

It's like Dilbert meets Rex Stout.

Where there are pink highways, there must be toad gods.

"You are not allowed to blow raspberries at your fellow writers." "I will cease raspberrying under protest."