Things We've Said...
Volume Four

I just love the sex change on that.

I've been enjoying this since you fixed the opening.

My brain hurts when you make me time-travel that fast.

Very embarrassing to have body parts on your records like that...

I don't normally connect well with sociopaths, and I didn't with her.

I found myself guilty of thinking like a Mycenean.

If there's a singing tower, I want to know what it looks like, even if it's really stupid.

Sharon said I should do this one first because it has dykes in it.

I am computer literate, but only at the "See Dick run" stage.

I didn't write any of this down because it's all in cryptic remarks in the margins.

"I see no reason why he shouldn't see a large dog from the tree, and I see no reason why it shouldn't be in the fog..." "Lights, fog, dog... got it..."

I can't leave the symbolism lying around being subtle.

Not everybody can wipe the bloody canary feathers off their chin.

What feelings are wandering around his stomach?

You don't have a problem with my pacing, I don't have a pacing with yours...

I didn't even catch the long, strong runner's legs at all.

I may be dittoing stuff unknowningly.

Maybe I just don't have a problem with really slow things.

Enlightenment via a kick in the head...

If felt like one of my stories. It didn't really have a point.

Oh no, there's the toilet.

There are many line edits in this because for once I was in a line edit mood.

I know those windows, I know that bug.

The parent stuff is just going to keep getting more icky until it stops being icky.

That's an awful lot of stuff under the cosey...

I can see it at night, they don't have anything else to do -- read some tarot, practice [shape] changing, have sex...