Things We've Said...
Volume Five

Boy, when you paint a scene, I'm really there all the way, except in a couple of places...

My nits have teeth today.

A lot of the dead people have turned into very fleshed out characters in my head.

You should use the goat for something, I mean, it's a great name, but it's just this big goat standing in the corner.

Actually, eagles fuck that way.

Your mind goes to weird places when you're about to die.

It felt very smell-less.

I love the idea of the hospital bed. I'll put one in the closet.

I'm not entirely sure you can observe yourself padding ominously.

Mounted the fountain...I left that in specifically for you.

Do not let the wizard into the kitchen while you're putting spells on his food.

So, he perched, flipped, and fished all at the same time?

That's the kind of action that really pisses people off, althought not as much as mind control.

Great fight! Great orgy!

Ptolemy Jones has been running amok in my brain.

I thought he'd be more surprised about his urine evaporating quickly.

It's weird and out there, like the truth.

I didn't know whether the world was insane, or it was just me, and I like to know these things.

It's the Big Good Thing. It doesn't give a shit what you call it.

It would be nice to know what Kabil smells like, in a general sort of way.

I tried to picture a cow-shaped bowl, and all I got was an udder.

I'd write that down if I could spell it.

It pushed a lot of my surrealist hate buttons.