Things We've Said...
Volume Six

You really did a good job of showing a lot of pointless people.

I thought Midge was getting a lot of sex on page 10.

He seems a lot more sympathetic as a corpse.

See what you've done? You've made me care about someone and then killed them, and that's just in the outline.

That's very classic "feed-em-to-the-montster".

It may be one of the simple jobs of maidenhood, but I don't like it.

Thank you for the note about the armpit.

He's just not the McMuffin.

Can you take your exclamation point out of my ear?

I like books that go on and on and on and never stop.

"Oh well it was just an imaginary orange..." pissed me off.

I would like a bird and a frog to anchor me onto this story.

Is it a one-a-day oracle?

I thought I'd fall back on my old standard of picking on your technology.

Nice save on the orange.

I like it and the wolf did too.

She was this vague fluff of white hair.

Why are abusive hicks always fat?

I don't want to use the word "madeup" because that always sounds stupid.

What you have so far is an intriguing germ...

It needs to be made more clear that it's blurry.

I realize it was not your fault, so I don't blame you for it.

I had a couple of questions, probably related to my not having read the previous stuff.

Anyone can die if you're stupid enough.

We're out of the dreams and back in reality and I'm still with you.