Things We've Said...
Volume Seven

I look forward to reading this, and I'm glad I'm not the one who decided to write it.

I'm getting very hot under all these bears.

And I put up a big lichen, and that might be useful.

Spare us your elaborate sexual vanities.

I definitely don't intend to make it, like, 'have penis will conquer'.

Well, that's an interesting place to meet elves. I've never met elves in an Italian farm house.

Oh good, he's going to shoot my mother... that was great., I will tell you my nits, and have you vaguely dissatisfied with my critique the way I was with the chapter.

There should be nothing wrong, except there's this dead guy...

I got lost in that sentence and had to feel my way around...

...although I did write "Go Chipmunk" in several places.

I want to re-emphasize this, because I hate that.

Great, his ego is hyperventilating.

He had absolutely no excuse for being the slimeball that he was.

"I hate fantasy." "But you write it." "I can't help it!"

"I love you and I cannot live without you." "Stop touching me!"

On the first page: three realizations and a startled recollection.

I think adding some icky details with the mushrooms would be cool.

He's decided he'll sell sex, or orgasms at least.

If you take the mint through your nose you don't taste it as fluffy.

I though it was a fine long sentence until I lost it.

There's just too much essence.

I'm completely used to not understanding what I read at all.

They're not going to put him to death; he's an experiment.

"I thought you liked surreal." "Not sitting on the couch with me."