Things We've Said...
Volume Eight

Speaking as an experienced manure hauler...

And I played around with your chainmail links popping out of his flesh...

All objections can be solved by removing this line.

I found [it] really kind of perverse... it was cool.

This section captures your interest, beats it, books it, and throws it in a dungeon.

I emptied a bottle of nits to see what stuck.

I had to give you a break from my emanating brilliance.

No one's going to care if they have hot butt love on their own...

Recaps usually prefer polearms.

I thought any raiders worth their salt...and gold...and frankincense...

You want to critique our critiques, you bink [trans. "do it on"] your own time.

But yours is not a melodramatic piece of trash.

I thought the story had this nice even slow pace, very appropriate for Hell.

Reading this was like being in Hell, in a good way.

It's not as bad as I said it was.

It's the first time anyone even got what I wrote; I'm not sure how to react.

I'm leaving the prick...

Revenging your ancestors is one thing, but inviting them into your head is just oogy.

If it were done more, then your story would be worth less.

I wanna know why the head of her predecessor talks and how long it's been doing that.

I'm norse-challenged.

I can't help that TSR took good mythology and made it suck.

I have news that's exciting just to me.

Norse insults, I love it.

See technical point 13.