Things We've Said...
Volume Nine

You know what I'm talking about? Good, because my time's running out.

Many effusive glowing terms here.

God, Lisa, I have so many helpful criticisms here...

There were frogs in between the two dogs, and it confused me.

In most fiction, they give a woman a badge and take away her clit.

I wanted to know what was sticking out of his ass.

And that more or less is what I have to say on page 14.

The tone of the killings is both creepy and exciting in the "it's a clue!" way.

If you've got ghost vipers, you've got about any damn thing you want.

And we're having a really good trip, and some slightly regrettable sex.

Great high, better hangover.

Your weather maven, that's me, would like to know the temperature and general humdity of the Pit.

This was a thrill for me, getting to pretend I was Herotadus for a paragraph.

That was really nice, but the rest of it just sort of went bloop and fell over and waved its little legs in the air and died.

I parsed that, but it was a little more effort than it should have been.

It's a great big invisible polar bear, have fun with it.

It's okay if you tease me, as long as you tease me regularly.

It's nice to know I can at least do urban blight.

I needed a hug, even from a penguin.

He's on drugs, but he pays well.

I was really hoping for intergalatic, abolitionist nuns, and I almost got them.

I have to compliment you for surreal settings -- an acorn plantation on an alien planet, surrounded by a wall of tornadoes...

You build a place like that you get paladins withing months.

You can get away with a lot if you stick a roman numeral after it.

Do it better!